Franck Kartell

Franck Kartell

Discography on New Flesh Records:


On the techno scene since the 90’s , this producer has made a name for himself despite some discretion.
Found of New Wave and old-school Electro, this collector of analog synths has created a dark and gloomy world which has already attracted many labels including Elektrofon, Black Leather, Ukonx, NewFlesh, Transient Force, …

Playlisted by Dave Clarke, The Hacker, David Carretta, Electric Rescue … Franck Kartell has just released a new EP (COMA) on Bass Agenda Recordings, after having gained a lot of attention earlier this year thanks to his ‘Afterlife’ LP, released in limited edition in CD format only.

On stage, alongside with Angela Fortin in the video, they create captivating live atmospheres.


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