The french electro label which opens never heard dimensions …

Hailing from Lyon, the french indie label New Flesh Records was launched in 2010 by infamous electro artist Umwelt. Featuring heavyweights producers, the imprint gathers together multiple sublabels including New Flesh Lab, New Flesh Remix, New Flesh LTD, Flesh Or Die and Rave Or Die.

Our latest releases from outer space

Recently landed Aliens

  • KYLN
    KYLN was born in 2016, when two parisian guys met in a smoky basement during an epic 303/808 acid jam party. Marijan, an early techno activist from the 90’s, and […]
  • Final Dream
    Author of a mighty album and three collector EP’s on experimental techno label Audio Illusion Recordings from 1995 to 2002, British Electro veteran Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie returns with […]
  • Cosmic Force
    COSMIC FORCE began his musical career at the early age of 15. He first started making mixtapes, like many early hip hop heads, with a cassette recorder and a turntable […]
  • Sestrica
    Sestrica is a promising talent hailing from Moscow, Russia.Early influenced by British IDM sound, then Electro and classic Trance, she started writing electronic music in 2016 after completing the Ableton […]