About New Flesh Records

Hailing from Lyon, the French independant label New Flesh Records was launched in 2010 by infamous electro artist Umwelt and graphic partner Chris Nexus 6. Featuring heavyweights producers Absolute Fiction, Alexander Moralez, Alek Stark, Analog Bipolar Boy, Boris Divider, Cosmic Force, Debonaire, Deemphasis, DeFeKT, Dez Williams, DynArec, ESS, Final Dream aka Bass Junlie, Flotation Aid, Foreign Sequence, Franck Kartell, Jauzas The Shining, Medooza, Morphogenetic, Norwell, Proxyan & Lewski, Rogue Frequency, Sestrica, Spectrums Data Force, Univac, Vlaysin, as well as Umwelt himself, the imprint gathers together multiple sublabels including New Flesh Lab, New Flesh Remix, New Flesh LTD, Flesh Or Die and Rave Or Die.

Definitively underground and futuristic, productions are characterized by the use of analogue synthetic machines: therefore, the music oscillates between Electro and Techno styles.

From sound to design, the New Flesh artistic line represents a disaster-stricken world where human has lost any hope for survival. Let’s transmit your airwaves to overthrow the system and build up the movement for a new civilization. New Flesh celebrates the alliance between people fighting against the domination of a mediocre and formatted music. A movement that will impose change through a sound revolution.

Long live New Flesh Records !