A native of northern France, Deemphasis has been influenced in the late 80’s by German, English, Detroit and Belgium techno sounds. This is when he got into Clermont-Ferrand, in the early 2000’s that he started some Techno lives with Offset and Peterphonix. Deemphasis then gradually steered towards electro, to finally settle.

In 2010 Deemphasis released his first EP on NewFlesh records (Umwelt, Satamile Rec.).

In 2011, he released his first album “Mechanical Beats” on his own Ukonx Recordings, an opus playlisted among others by Dave Clarke on his show White Noise. This album allowed him to be ranked in the top 5 electro Survey 2011.

Very active in 2012, he released an electro acid EP on UK label Shameless Toady run Pip Williams

Discography on New Flesh Records: