Dynarec – Disenchanted – NF26

Dynarec, the French electro genius returns to New Flesh Records. Author of a remarkable “Moving Corridors” contribution on the mighty “Elektro Diktators Vol.1 – The French Dissidents” (NF15) in 2015, dynArec delivers today four raw and dystopian slaughters calibrated for maximum impact on the dancefloor.

The title track signs a no nonsense aquatic electro/techno tune a la Drexciya, tinted with melancholic strings and heading Speak n’ Spell samples. Pure madness! Cyberpunk “Correlation” goes harder, offering a pounding 4/4 song enhanced by appealing vocoder lyrics and deep synth flights while syncopated “Influoncers” coming next focuses on a more robotic, experimental yet unhealthy approach. Final cut “Clean It Up” concludes the EP on a machine funk note characterised by insane female vocals, distorted chords, relentless bassline and futuristic touch throughout.

Magnetic and emotional, forward thinking “Disenchanted EP” alternates in a minute between very melodic moments and epic hard techno sequences. With roots from both Germany and Detroit, this electro masterpiece sees dynArec in full effect, showing his unique sense of the dancefloor thanks to an incredible use of bass, rhythm and pads that makes the tracks effective and advanced at the same!

Release Date : September 2021 – Format: 12″ purple (100 ltd numbered colored), 12″ black & Digital – Artwork: Nexus 6