Final Dream – Project Fear – NF25

Just like Freddy Krueger, Final Dream ressurrects from the past to haunt your nights and deliver to the masses his threatening message.

A side opens with mental “Dark Flow”, a pounding tune based upon hammering beats surronded by sinister strings and a gloomy atmosfear. The title track “Project Fear” coming next goes deeper into the realm, merging lethal frequencies to demonic beats.

The flipside introduces “Force Majeure”, a milestone of an instanc classic made of robotic drums sequences fused into subtle acid lines while “The Devil’s Playground” concludes the 12″ with 7 minuts of brain manipulations.

Present “Project Fear EP” appears as an opened window to the future, an invitation to foresee what Evil is cooking for you in his laboratory. Just reminder there’s no way to hide, accept your fate, nothing can stop the darkness !

Release Date : April 2021 – Format: 12″ & Digital – Artwork: Nexus 6