Umwelt – Abandon in Place LP – NF20

Umwelt – Abandon In Place L.P. – New Flesh Records NF20

Umwelt – Abandon In Place L.P. – New Flesh Records NF20
To celebrate New Flesh Records 20th release to date, French veteran DJ Umwelt (Shipwrec, Falling Ethics, Rave Or Die) returns to his own label with a mind blowing LP!
Built like the soundtrack of a dystopian movie where main characters evolve in a hopeless future, Sci-Fi “Abandon In Place” delivers no less than height cinematic masterpieces half-way between electro and ambient registers.
From the menacing sirens of opener “Void Of Nothingness” to the melancholic synths of closing “Galactic Wreck”, passing through the Blade Runnerish vision of “Celestial Matter”, this soulful album depicts nothing but the extinction of mankind in a ending world.
Besides its terrific message, “Abandon In Place” showcases the unlimited talent and incredible versatility of Umwelt, a mighty producer able to split from the most cutting edge music on New Flesh Records to a more radical, straight to the dancefloor approach on Rave Or Die.
A gloomy journey through apocalyptic tones, slow yet deep basslines, industrial touches, cold and un-compromising emotions! Umwelt’s most forward thinking opus to date sum up in once sentence: “By the end of the day, all is dust!”

Artist: Umwelt
Label: New Flesh Records
Release Date : March 2018
Cat: NF20
Artwork: Nexus 6
Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Distribution: Chez Emile