Sestrica posing

Sestrica is a promising talent hailing from Moscow, Russia.
Early influenced by British IDM sound, then Electro and classic Trance, she started writing electronic music in 2016 after completing the Ableton Basics course. Inspired by Autechre and a local female producer known as Ishome, she quickly began to develop her very own style. Music has always been part of her life and aspirations, she found it the best way to express herself. Even more than in movie screenwriting for what she made studies.

A year later, Sestrica self-released her debut album called “UNITY” where she explored deep and complex atmospheres, dark yet sincere universe. Waiting to find a label that could host her sounds, she also self-released an EP “27” end of 2017 before being signed on New Flesh Records a couple of months later. Since 2017, Sestrica has performed around 40 live acts. Her plan is to develop a truly stage experience in collaboration with visual artists.

Discography on New Flesh Records: