The Ghost That Walks – Back To The Basement – NF21

The whole Ghost thing is he’s from that hell world, walking on earth, but will fight for those in his corner, what would happen if he met some aliens? Who knows, depends on the aliens I guess and what their motives are…” .

Paul graces us today with an epic and tense EP. Expect nothing but raw, dark, experimental, kickin’ and industrial music from the depths of Space packed in four dancefloor friendly tunes of pure analogue sounds with early 90’s flavors. A reflect of New Flesh Records essence!

If you had to pick up one track, this would be “Grand River Stalking 2”, a terrific journey into AlieNation, a DJ tool that fits for Detroit, hence it’s named after Grand river avenue where UR are based. Paul wrote an original track in the nineties called Grand River stalking after he’d visited Mad Mike there, released on a Sampler CD, some of the samples on part 2 come from that slaughter.

Artwork: Nexus 6
Format: Vinyl 12 Inch