Planeta De Mujeres
by Umwelt

Following his “Realité Virtuelle” digital release in September, New Flesh Records mastermind returns with a self-published 12″ on his own imprint. Epic “Planeta De Mujeres EP” presents four gloomy electro mayhems in Umwelt’s typical trademark. Unleashing the Bass like never before, the French electro artist serves up an uncompromising cocktail of evil industrial sororities energized by strong kicks and solid atmosphere, in the prolongation of his previous releases on labels such like Satamile, Drivecom and Kommando 6. Scary “Liaison Covalente” kicks the A side off with a heading theme over progressive melodies depicting some unhealthy outer space landscapes from where the menace came to Earth. Intricate arrangements melt with mind-blending arpeggio sequences turn the track into an enigmatic downtempo song full of synthetic majesty. This moody jam to make you feel uncomfortable is instantly followed by merciless “Magnitude Absolue”. The genius combination of loopy FX, punishing drums, dancefloor rhythm and unforgettable SciFi synth laments will dive you into the darkness while astonishing hi-hats assault your mind. This is severe brain manipulation like aliens would act to control you. Ace! Cutting edge “Spiruline”, on the flipside, keeps the pressure alive and offers some anthological moments: making their way through the track thanks to an intensely melodic programming, seductive synth strings injected with precision fuse together with warm and punchy bass tones to invite you in a circle. One of Umwelt’s top five hits in my opinion since the beginning of his musical career started in 1997. Final cut “Objet Celeste” offers a magnificent conclusion and another adrenaline rush of Electrobotic Bass that progressively bring you into an apocalyptic world surrounded by infectious vibes and nasty modulations and mind blowing distortions. Gloomy as hell with a deeper and despair approach than the previous tunes. An unhealthy outing made of forward-thinking edits and ethereal arrangements around brooding analog pads, and intriguing arps reminding of the sophisticated aesthetics of Umwelt’s classic “Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation LP” on Satamile!