The Coutdown Has Begun EP
by Umwelt

Cutting edge melodies and raw synth sweeps, cosmic overtones throughout, intense industrial strings built up around furious mechanical beats… New Flesh Records brings you the 7th E.P. of its label mastermind Umwelt (Satamile, Drivecom, Kommando 6). Echoing to the limited and already sold out “Planeta De Mujeres E.P.” 12″ published in February, fearsome “The Countdown Has Begun E.P.” comes backed with four homogeneous and unstoppable dancefloor electro slaughters. Who’s familiar with the French underground activist knows exactly what to expect on this much anticipating release. While apocalyptic “Spacewatch Project”, in overture of the A side, combines heading vintage synth layers to a funky yet merciless baseline, soulful “Chrondite” in contrast mixes clinical arrangements and schizophrenic arpeggios to create cold emotions.

On the reverse, loud and uncompromising “Evolution Stellaire”, featuring famous “The Countdown Has Begun” lyrics from Drexciya, pays homage to the electro sound of Detroit. Characterized by nightmarish sequences, orchestral “Vent Solaire” expands as a conclusion Umwelt’s infectious musical universe even further with a depth of evil strings offset by mesmerizing downtempo beats, SciFi effects and sinister modulations.

Delivering his most forward thinking work to date, Umwelt returns here with another future classic and collectible release, available in limited clear white vinyl.