Coming from the Rave & techno scene in Lyon in the early 90’s, Umwelt is a truly rare underground Dj & producer and one of the most important and prolific electronic producers. In 1997, he releases his first productions on his own label Fundata Records. Combination of analogue rhythms and sounds, his music creates gloomy and electric atmosphere propelling the listeners into abyssal worlds.

So far, he has written seven albums and about thirty EPs and remixes on many labels including his own electro imprint Newflesh Records he launched in 2010 along with Chris Nexus 6 and Anita .

His productions play the card of a specific and dystopian electro-techno sound. He always delivers a fierce, dark and cinematographic music at the crossroads between the classics and an assumed modernity.

As a DJ, he shows his ability of bringing people all together in different moods for an intense and deep raving travel!

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