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Coming from the Rave scene in Lyon in the early 90’s, Umwelt made his first victims on the dancefloors of numerous warehouses in France. In 1997, he releases his first productions on Fundata Records. Combination of analogue rhythms and sounds, his music creates gloomy and electric atmosphere propelling the listeners into abyssal worlds.

So far, he has written four albums and about twenty EPs on labels such like Satamile Records, Drivecom, Kommando 6, Minimum Syndicat… In 2010, he launches his own electro imprint Newflesh Records along with Chris Nexus 6 for the visual part.

On stage, Umwelt remains faithful to the sound of the machines. His setup is exclusively built up around hardware gears, he finds them more attractive and sexy.

As a DJ, he shares with his crowd twenty years spent to explore record shops and dancefloors.

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